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Dave Maurischat 

Dave Maurischat is a songwriter, guitarist and producer with a passion for bringing his years of experience to support and enhance your musical project.  Born in San Jose, CA, Dave began creating original music immediately following his first piano lesson at age 6 and eventually studied composition and arranging at San Jose State University.  As a guitarist/bassist Dave has toured internationally, performing and recording everything from celtic folk to hard rock; soul to country; children’s music to alternative.  He presently divides his time between the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Nashville.

Dave has twelve co-written releases with eight different artists in the past year, (nine of which were singles!), incl. Pop, Soul, Singer-Songwriter and Country, (Luke Yates, Sabrina Lentini,

Eliza Spear.)  He has also written and produced songs for independent film and podcasts. 

A winner of numerous songwriting awards (West Coast Songwriters Association, Nashville Songwriters Association International, Bear Valley Music Festival), Dave is excited to be working with artists as a co-writer, guitarist and producer

(as Key of D), to assist them in fully realizing their artistic vision.

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